Oasis Relaxation Systems
P.O. Box 15669
San Diego, CA 92175

phone# 619 265 9391

eMail: info@oasisrelaxation.com

Oasis Operating Costs:

The Oasis System requires less electrical current than that needed to add a 150 WATT light bulb to a typical household. Clean-up can be done with a wet cloth. The Oasis System filters and purifies itself so there is no need to change the solution for up to a one to two year period. The outer surface may be waxed if desired with any fiberglass marine wax.

Equipment features standard on all models


Oasis Audio Model

$ 8,750.00



Oasis UV [Commercial/*RECOMMENDED]

$ 1,200.00

Oasis Replacement UV Bulbs

$ 270.00

Oasis Replacement Filter Cartridge

$ 80.00

Oasis Digital Electric Timer

$ 75.00

Oasis Electronic pH Tester

$ 100.00

Oasis Digital Heater

$ 90.00

Oasis Floating Digital Thermometer [temporarily n/a in USA]

$ 50.00



Basic Terms: 50% nonrefundable deposit to commission order, balance due prior to shipment
Crating fees - $500.00 [we use Van lines whenever possible to save costs/avoid crating]
Shipping costs quoted for domestic/International shipments.




1 OASIS AUDIO SYSTEM                                                       $8,750.00


1 COMMERCIAL UV SYSTEM                                                  $1,200.00


2 SPARE FILTER CARTRIDGES                                                  $160.00

NSF PUMP/FILTER [for Commercial/Residential Customers]      $1,100.00 

CHLORINE FEEDER  [If necessary Commercially/hopefully not]     $150.00


EQUIPMENT TOTAL                                                 $11,210.00 - $11,360.00